FISA Vote in the Senate :: Retroactive Immunity for Telcos

Thankfully, the Senate vote on the horrible FISA "compromise" has been delayed till after the July 4th recess. I've read so much lately about the Democrats in the House who voted for this, and how the Telco campaign contributions form exact causation links. Those who got alot, voted yes for the "compromise."

I can not believe that Obama says now that he supports this bill. I've heard rumors that he supports it so he can do a Trojan Horse on it, but that is just nonsense. The Dodd/Fiengold amendment would remove the retroactive immunity portion of the bill, as part of the Senate reconciliation. We all need to do what we can to stop this from passing the Senate. You can go HERE
to sign on and become a Citizen co-sponsor of the Bill. After that, call your Senators. I put a handy-dandy list up last week of all Senate Contact Info. If any of you have any other ideas of what to do, petitions to sign, megaphones to scream through, please let me know.

Remember folks: the original FISA statutes from 1978 have worked for a long time. 99.9% of all wiretapping requests were approved, and quickly. This is about our Commander-in-Chief wanting the power to not even have to ask a judge. It is not about stopping terrorism. It is wrong, and i for one am ready for a leader who will propose a Constitutional Convention to explore, debate, and codify limits on Executive power. This entire country is going mad.

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