It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

THIS is better than any drama from The West Wing. I sincerely hope that Obama is, indeed, already on a course to take Olbermann's advice. Be sure to stick around for the second second chance portion of the program.


fst said...

The Foreign Intelligence debate is really at heart a non-issue and I truly wish that people would realize it.

Olbermann's routine reference to "domestic spying" is an entire misnomer; it has nothing -- nothing -- to do with internal (ie domestic) communication monitoring. It has to do with monitoring incoming or outgoing communications. To call it domestic anything is misguided.

To leave telecommunication companies open to lawsuits for simply complying with government regulations is ludicrous. That having been said, Olbermann's suggestion that January 20th should see criminal prosecution of the telecoms for following the law is scatological (at best). "Domestic spying" isn't at all what the FISA bill greenlights.

If you're suggesting that FISA is indeed being used for domestic (ie internal) communication then I'd like to see some proof. Proof before bringing the entire Justice Department to bear on Verizon (for example).

Sam said...

Scott, first of all, it IS domestic spying when every single call placed to anyone outside our borders is monitored or recorded. Secondly, noone, including you my friend, really knows the extent of the spying. That's why an investigation is a very good idea (which may or may not lead to criminal prosecution). I'm all for the lawful surveillance that FISA has greenlighted since 1978. What i'm not for is our Executive, and Telcos, breaking the law. That makes them criminals Scott. What is at heart here is the Bush Administration wanting to do whatever the hell it wants to do, FISA judges and laws of the United States of America be damned. For that alone, he should be impeached. If Bush would go to a FISA judge--same as Reagan, Bush the elder, and Clinton--i wouldn't be suspicious of his intent.

fst said...

The argument for the surveillance is in the name of timeliness. Timeliness be damned. What kills me, though, is the entire domestic phraseology.

Domestic is exclusively internal by definition. "Domestic communication" is internal-to-internal. International is either internal-international or vice versa. It's international (not domestic) as one party is outside the country.

I haven't any idea to what extent the laws are being employed (circumvented/bent/ignored). Very few people do. Is a massive investigation -- one that could drag on for years at massive taxpayer and private costs -- really the answer? If so many people are against it then why not let the legislative process carry itself out and get the law changed? The current majority in Congress (DNC) appear happy enough with the legislation or they wouldn't have written it the way they did. If it's viewed capitulation then vote them out of office.

The bigger thing to consider is that hubs of communication systems -- satellite relays -- are located here in the states. As communications are bouncing down here -- even for a hundredth of a second -- they've passed through the US and are therefore available for surveillance.

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