Newsclipping of the Day :: War with Iran??

Here's another little tidbit Congress has been working on:

"Over the last four weeks 102 House Democrats and 117 Republicans have agreed to cosponsor a new resolution against Iran that demands that President Bush “initiate an international effort” to impose a land, sea, and air blockade on Iran to prevent it from importing gasoline and to inspect all cargo entering or leaving Iran."

Unbelievable. I've read and heard alot recently about how we have enough hardware amassed all around Iran to start a full-scale war within hours. People get a clue!! Don't let the warmongers get their way again! We can not constantly start wars around the world for no good reason! Has the entire city of Washington gone nuts??

Here is a link to the Just Foreign Policy PAC and a link to find out what you can do to oppose the madness.

Have any of you read Seymour Hersh's latest that is in this week's New Yorker? I have not yet, but we heard him being interviewed about it by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air, while driving around the hills of the Laurel Highlands in SW Pennsylvania Monday. DDAY over at Hullabaloo has a GREAT PIECE on the whole horrible affair, and some interesting background. Especially a quote from Dick Cheney advising that Hersch's apartment be raided and his research siezed (from 1975 though, not now. Now he makes sure no one quotes him.) . . .

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