Finally. The view from our room:


Robert said...

What a fun[ny] photo of you. I hope to see more funny photos! Yes!

Have a fantastic time with Steven and your colleagues. It's beautiful outside!

truthspew said...

All I can say is that if this is a representative view of Atlanta I think I'll stay right here in pretty Providence.

That's the thing, Providence has almost 400 years of character to it. Atlanta - 150 years or so.

Sam said...

well, the 150 or so years here is really like no-more-than-25-or-so years of "character," as nearly EVERYTHING here meets its fate with a bulldozer and wrecking ball before the pipes ever need to be reworked. There is a lot of artificial "character" here... which i find--as a designer--totally repellent. The mod stuff however, that i love, but it is all designed to coexist with the "character."

In many ways, Atlanta is a textbook example of how far wrong architecture and the built environment can go.

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