In Philadelphia

For the next four days, it will be nothing but museums, parties, seminars and sessions for me. Can't wait to see the Constitution Center later today and the Franklin tomorrow.. and sheesh, i forgot and left the camera in Steven's bag, so there'll only be photos like this one that i take with my mac (which means this is it.. aren't those skylights in my room tres cool?).


Robert said...

How fun is that!! I'm jealous!! Sorry to hear 'bout your camera. Now Steven will need to take twice as many photos then... wherever he'll end up! :-)

Have fun meester!

Ice John's World said...

Have fun! They have a Chinatown there too so you can get some Din Sum or Chinese food again if Steven has not prepared enough for you at home already.

john said...

Sorry to hear about your camera. But have fun!!

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