Sunday Paper

Do any of you read the paper? I mean, get the paper delivered and read it? I bet some of you get the paper daily. I've been reading online for years now, but would still occasionally walk down the street, mostly just on Sundays or days off, to buy the paper. Considering how many are evaporating right before our eyes, and the fact that i actually like the Dispatch, we decided to try it out for 10 weeks. It's nice to have a giant paper on your doorstep on Sunday morning. One of our local papers, the Athens Messenger, interviewed me and Gerry Thursday about my Ohio Statehouse project... but i can't access it online without "registering." Argggh. Oh well, i have a real copy of it.

I read THIS over at Will's blog this morning, and was really moved by the Linda's Ronstadt's remarks to Congress. I do have to say though, when things like Ronstadt's words are not in the Sunday Dispatch, how relevant is it? I mean, if this isn't news, what is?


Robert said...

I was gonna make a comment 'bout your [half-eaten] banana, but I shall refrain!


PS. Did you know that the word 'stewardesses' is the longest word in English that one can type using only the left hand? Bye!

Sam said...

hahaha... how did you know Robert?

J Catlow-Shea said...

I'm so glad that you shared the link containing Linda Ronstadt's speech to Congress - it was a beautiful testimony that rightly deserves more coverage. The lack of attention it got sadly proves her point about the priority given to arts education in our country.


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