Framing the Message

Remember all the bullshit about how "framing the message," or the inability to do so, is what lost the 2004 race for Kerry? Well, this Democrat, for one, believes that. It was a very nice way of saying that lies will always beat the truth, if you repeat it enough.

Anyhoo, there is a really nice piece online today from Sara Robinson at Campaign for America's Future, that revisits all this anew, from the fresh perspective of yet another Presidential horserace. Each time, conservatives defy all logic and sense of proportion and ethics to get their message out, and subvert the message of Democrats. They call shit gold instead, and repeat it so much through their millions of minions, that people actually believe it.

Don't forget:

escalation = surge


looting another piggy bank = fixing social security


we know exactly where they are around Baghdad and Tikrit = i have no clue


mobile weapons labs = we made illustrations because their are NO reconnaissance photographs


the air is safe to breath at ground zero = we don't care if you live or die, just get the fuck back to business

These guys should be so embarrassed and shamed by how patently stupid and unbelievable their messages--however "framed"--actually are.

But they aren't.

They continue over the cliff like Energizer Bunnies. And they are dragging all of us with them; none more than Hillary Clinton.

But i digress.

Robinson's piece is worth a read just to see her take on how important it would be for Hillary to simply, unequivocally state that conservatives have made a FUBAR mess of everything in the last 8 years, but that she has been complicit and allowed them to do so, taking responsibility for their bad behavior and hers in allowing it. Then she can begin anew, and clearly state: we are not going to have ANY of that ANYMORE. Then she can actually let me know that she is ready to lead. In deed, not in word.

If she could bring herself to such a clear-headed, ethical, and responsible place right now, I think a tidal wave of support would come her way. Too many people like me want to know WHEN she will be able to let me emotionally give my support to her by her emotional admission that she has been a complicit and willing ennabler of Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell... the lot of them.

It would be like throwing a switch, really. Give me a call Hillary, we can talk through this.

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