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What a sad story.

Authorities in Florida denied info to this guy about his partner, because they were not married. In a state that won't let them get married. His partner and his parents had just died in a plane crash. But since Eric and the guy "weren't actual family members," the authorities wouldn't tell him anything. So he saw that his partner and his partner's parents had died in a plane crash on the news.

See the video HERE.

Steven, we need to find an attorney to help us set up the legal stuff we need to set up since we can't get married.

I'll never forget that night mister, right after Janice died in a car crash, that you showed up at home after a workday at 9 pm. You'd forgotten your phone that day, and were just having a coffee with a coworker after working late at Earthlink, but i was in a cold sweat panic, calling the DOT and the Atlanta Police. No doubt i was fragile after the loss of Janice, but I remembered thinking "we need to do whatever we need to do" to at least get to pretend like we are married and can really take care of one another. That was 4 years ago.

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