Latest Craft Project

Last weekend i made a new medicine cabinet and lighting for the downstairs bath. We found an old empire (sort of) mirror at a giant antique market in Springfield the weekend before, and i built a new box behind that will hold much more than the old ugly 80s oak medicine cabinet now removed. There are no other cabinets in this bathroom but there is a small closet, so a bigger cabinet was the goal, along with a bit more style, as this sink is always visible from the front of the house since we opened the kitchen up to the living room. The lighting Steven found at the Lowe's sale table for like $4, and the black pipe holding it all up are some old curtain rods and parts we rebent, recut, and refashioned to hang the lamps over the sliding mirror. The raw wood you see on the back wall of the cabinet will be covered with some mirror pieces cut to go into the cubbies on the back wall (and thus cover up the lag screws) and i'll be done. The only part i am not happy with is the canopy covers over the wall jboxes (previous lighting was wall sconce-mounted bits too far back for a mirror thrust forward). And it's still not enough room for Mom & BC's little train cases of stuff, but we'll soon remedy that with another cabinet, coming someday soon!

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