Math...What a Quaint Concept!

Well, in case any of you fair readers of my blog think i foam at the mouth a little too much about how RIGGED our elections are, let me offer some fabulous analysis for you.

Let's take a lil trip over HERE. These are official results of Tuesday's Primary in Texas, taken from the official *ahem* CNN website.

First, you'll notice that the Democratic voters were MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount of Republicans, 2.8 millionish to 1.3 millionish, respectively. That in itself is a very big story, and has played out in every single race, which might lead one to think a landslide of epic proportions is on the way. But that is not the subject of my MATH post today.

Scroll down to the little mappie thingies, and notice how some counties are neither pink, nor blue. Now click on them and see the pop ups with the numbers and compare. Many, many counties in Texas are COMPLETELY ONE PARTY COUNTIES.


You heard me.

I'll make it easy for you. Here's a little list-type thing. First is County name, then the number of registered voters in that county, then the Republican vote, and last the Democratic Vote (don't trust my math though, i'm honest):

Armstrong 1404 369 0
Borden 432 0 139
Brooks 6385 0 3185
Cottle 1230 0 471
Crockett 2654 0 1166
Culberson 1959 0 526
Dickens 1410 0 612
Duval 9331 0 5053
Foard 1043 0 432
Hall 2110 0 813
Hansford 3101 1235 0
Hardeman 2969 0 1086
Hudspeth 1557 0 476
Kent 665 0 250
La Salle 4071 0 1392
Loving 116 0 22
Maverick 26224 0 9661
Reeves 6337 0 2228
Roberts 707 261 0
Stonewall 1087 0 483
Throckmorton 1175 0 513
Upton 2139 0 823
Zapata 7148 0 3190
Zavala 7877 0 3718

Let's review, shall we?

Maverick County, population 50,000 or so, right on the Rio Grande and the border with Mexico to the south. 95% of the population is Latino. Fully half of the county is registered to vote, 26,224 citizens.

But 9,661 of them voted Democrat. And NOT A SINGLE Republican vote was cast.

Or, consider Hansford County, complete opposite end of the state, in the northern panhandle on the border with Oklahoma. Population here is only about 5,000. This was once an extremely oil-rich area. 3,101 citizens are registered to vote.

1,235 of them voted Republican. And NOT A SINGLE Democrat voted on Tuesday.


Now i'm sure some of you may say (as Steven just did to me) "Oh it's the discrepancy involving the fubar system of caucuses vs. primaries" or perhaps "oh gee, it's possible that these counties are totally Republican or totally Democrat" or even "maybe those counties just haven't reported yet"

to which i say: stop making excuses.

I haven't checked Ohio's results yet.

Our votes mean nothing.

We are so screwed in this country. Wake up people.

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Sam said...

ok, i know you are all (all 2 of you) hanging by a thread, faith in our hapless electoral system hanging by mere threads.

I did some follow up and found that there actually are many counties in TX where one party or another actually doesn't have it together enough to hold elections. Who could imagine that in Texas--of all places--the republicans would not be able to hold primaries in 23 counties??

I still don't believe it, but that's what i've read. Would be nice to actually hear from someone in Texas who knows.

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