If anyone is interested, HERE is the link to the photoshoot FST refers to in the comments on one of my earlier posts. Have you seen the Atlantic Monthly Cover? This IS pretty bad, but doesn't rise to the level of badness as that horrible waffle thing. Speaking again of waffling, I can't believe any Republican would ever again bring up waffling, considering how George Bush's record is a complete waffling of Republican canons. Not to mention how the many faces of McCain have changed over the years. What happened to him anyway? I remember--even as a pretty staunch liberal--going to the Andersonville National Historic Site in south Georgia back in the 90s and thinking to myself "he'd be a great president." He is a completely different man now. Then he was defined by a desire to get money out of politics and he seemed like an honest, decent man, who had a life story anyone could respect. Now, he seems completely involved in the politics of deception and hell bent for leather to continue the wholesale giveaway of government function to private companies (also known as "outsourcing." See Jeremy Scahill or Naomi Klein, among many others, for more on that).

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