Newsclipping of the Day :: The Problem with the Media

My Magnificent Mister sent me a very good essay from Glen Greenwald the other day that looks at Keith Olbermann's recent demotion through the lens of everything that is wrong with our media today. If you are following this particular story, are interested in how all of our main stream media outlets have become propaganda outlets for the right, and how corporate power controls it all, or how the media curries favor with those in power, you'll be interested in this one. They do have a double standard, with their decrees that right-slant is neutral and in their obsession with keeping liberal voices out of news and analysis. And Greenwald is right, the only viable answer is to create new media outlets, from scratch, that will compete and kill these idiotic outlets feeding us all misinformation. Would someone please forward this post to Ted Turner? I'd really like to talk to him about it. The media really are dinosaurs.

Speaking of dinosaurs, did anyone see this Sarah Palin quote on CNN last night? I was on the front porch, chatting with Steven and a friend, and caught a gander of it through the windows, crawling across our blaring TV inside:

"God made dinosaurs 4,000 years ago as ultimately flawed creatures, lizards of Satan really, so when they died and became petroleum products we, made in His perfect image, could use them in our pickup trucks, snow machines and fishing boats."

Lizards of Satan. Wow.


HERE is another piece from the Huffington Post about how the media simply doesn't function anymore.

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