Newsclipping of the Day :: It's All Just a Game. A Very, Very Nasty Game

"A box of Obama Waffles is seen in Washington, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008. A vendor at a conservative political forum was selling boxes of waffle mix depicting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap. The product was meant as political satire, said Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, two writers from Franklin, Tenn., who created the mix and sold it for $10 a box at the Values Voter Summit sponsored by the lobbying arm of the Family Research Council."

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Can we just talk about this for a sec? I know you all have busy days, but just for a minute.

The above is from Yahoo News today. I wish there were a way to not only boycott, but withhold every penny from media sources that publish crap like the above. I've had my yahoo email account for more than 10 years now. But apparently Yahoo News has been invaded by the Media Snatchers.

Yahoo News for crissakes!

They cover this "story" like it is real news. They are trying so hard to have their messages of hate and deceit keep us all divided.

They are all trying SO hard to change the subject. To make it all about Sarah's beehive. Or John's service as a POW. Or lipstick on Pigs. It's all so full of lies and deceit and obfuscation and insult. I am SOO not proud of my country these days.

I apologize to all Americans who are the countless victims of this kind of baiting and insult. The people behind the image above--and the "news" organizations giving it air--are so wrong and so destructive. If you want to kill yourselves, fine, but leave the rest of us out of it and stop dragging us all down. We are all doing just fine.

I applaud Obama for sticking to the high road. I'm happy to see Obama have a laugh over whole Pig-With-Lipstick episode with David Letterman. Not only is he talented, creative, smart, and prepared, but he also knows how play the game by his rules, and not those of the other side. He knows how to have his values and principles without killing them in the process of leveraging them.

Sure, the culture war's machine of lies, smears, and insult is going to win over a few votes. But in the main, it's going to backfire. Stunningly.

And the tactics of desperation we are all seeing now in the media are so completely stomach turning, i'd wager that they will drive away many more votes than the smears win over. People are not stupid. Conservatives need a new party. Liberals need a new party. And i'm not talking about ONE.

And sure, the Republican Party may be in shambles after November, but what of the GAZILLIONS of dollars going to all the crony capitalists and "outsourcers" in place of what used to be our Government? How will all of that be undone? What will Congress and our new President do to codify the limits of power of the Executive Branch? Will they do anything? Will the destruction of our Government we've seen in recent years pale in comparison to what is to come?

One thing is for sure. We will never have our Government back, the way it was before conservatives began feeding off of it and destroying it, more than a generation ago.

What will be left? How will we go forward? Will we even be able to rebuild?

Who do you trust to answer those questions? Please click on the comments link below and tell me.


fst said...

Do you find the Obama piece (which I only found via the Associated Press) any worse than Greenberg's retouchings? It could be argued that the waffles stunt is sophomoric satire, but what, then, is Greenberg's work? It hasn't hit much other than Fox and a handful of other sites (I don't consider BoingBoing "mainstream"), even though the Atlantic seems pretty pissed.

What I wonder is why the waffle story makes it to the AP but you can't find mention of Greenberg's story on anything other than the reviled Fox?

I'm not so sure you and I are exposed to the same media resources because I see a preponderance of bias towards Obama, not the opposite. Running that story? It doesn't elevate the story, it paints Conservatives (and Republicans at large) as bigots.

To try and answer some of your questions: I don't know where it's all going. What I do know is that we don't need to "get our government back," but rather to "give the majority of our government up."

"How will all of that be undone? What will Congress and our new President do to codify the limits of power of the Executive Branch?"

I want to see the Legislative branch codified, too. I'd like to see them codified and mollified. Disqualified, even.

Sorry, Sam, but I have zero urge to see the size, cost, or purview of the Federal Government grow by a fraction of an inch. Virtually everything I've heard from Sen. Obama has indicated he fully intends to grow the size of the Fed and enact proven regressive tax plans. I don't like it and can't support it. Am I crazy about McCain? Not particularly, but at least he doesn't talk about raising taxes when he knows it will negatively impact the economy.

Sam said...

Scott, both the issue of taxes and the size of government are such complete red herrings the Republicans trot out EVERY ELECTION CYCLE AD NAUSEUM. They have more than proven over the past 8 years that they have no intention of reducing either taxes or government.

Obama's position is clear: 95% will see no change in their taxes, only the upper 5% that got the most egregious giveaways from the current administration are subject to increase. Anyone can download his fiscal plan here:


And on the issue of growing the Federal Government, i'm afraid Republican's don't have a leg to stand on there dude. Outsourcing what was once done by Federal Agencies and government components to crony corporations and new "companies" like Blackwater has wasted an incredible amount of our collective resources. They are accountable to noone, and they have no incentive to be efficient, accountable, or honest in any way. All of these "companies" on the dole are stealing my tax dollars, and absolutely no reduction in government has occured.

I saw those Greenberg photos used in Atlantic Monthly earlier... i have to say it's pretty incredible that those actually happened and that McCain and his handlers didn't put a stop to it. Are you suggesting she was trying to make a Lon Cheney/Monster parallel to McCain, same as Whitlock and DeMoss were making an Aunt Jemima parallel to Obama?

It's also very important to note that Greenberg was not, could not, and never would be associated with any kind of official Democratic Party event. Because the Democrats will not have that. Unlike the official Republicans, who are really excelling at showing every venal, deceptive, and disrespectful play in the book right now.

Steven said...

Scott: We may have the most inflated government ever up to the any measurements right now. Things are still falling. Taxing is just one of many fiscal levers government can apply. The key measurement is which policy package is able to bring more opportunities to the peoples. I believe that is what America is all about. Republican failed and fails big time.

It is not only Bush's economic policy if he has one but the all over policies-domestic and foreign-wise. The strength of America is "innovation". But every single time Republican has to embrace religion fanatic for rescue including McCain. Creationism can not be much farther from innovation than they sound. The problem is what the Republican party represents just has a lot of bigotry.

I will not be too emotional on the result one way or the another. If 70 or 80 percent think that the thing is wrong and still choose the same, what can you ask for?

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