What happened to The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 ??

Why doesn't it apply to the United States Government?

How can Bank of America be allowed to swallow Merril Lynch, to become an even bigger, unaccountable-to-anyone behemoth?

Why does our Government bail out big corporations--say Chrysler or Bear Stearns or AIG--but is unconcerned with its individual citizens facing bankruptcy over the mortgage crisis?

When did we start selectively enforcing the laws of the land and blowing off others?

Isn't our Supreme Court in place to prevent that happening?

The corruption and collusion and desperately dishonest GREEDY dealings happening right now WILL make it into Civics Textbooks and History Textbooks before long.

Will we go even deeper into the dark beyond this? Or will we wake up and make real, systemic change to resteer our course?

We are on a hairpin curve right now.

We are at such a turning point. We either plunge into a real Dark Age, in which we all become pawns and soldiers in a war waged by Corporations-as-Commanding-Generals; or, we make a real effort to rediscover what We the People means, and how that ethos is made manifest in our everyday life.

We have very little Government left, it has all been outsourced to crony capitalist "companies" such as Blackwater and Halliburton. Once we had Government, now we have Corporations.

The coup--performed by Corporations--has already occurred folks.

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