My New Favorite 15 Minute Comfort Food Supper

So, who doesn't need a supper that really only takes 15 minutes or so, yet totally nurtures the comfort yin we all sometimes need at the end of a having to be inside an office on a lovely spring day?? What's not to like about brevity at time like this? (I'm talking to you Ina!)

We are having lovely, creamy, supple Shrimp and Grits tonight. With a little added green, it's a balanced meal in a bowl. (Be sure to notice the groovy late 70s homemade kitty cat potholder in the background. MEOW! Thanks Mom & BC!)

First, make 4 servings of some good quality grits (otherwise known as Polenta in civilized circles).

This brand'll do you proud every time (does anyone get the Loretta Lynn reference?? probably not.). Bob's Red Mill is my favorite. It seems to not be overprocessed and infused with petrochemicals, like everything else at Kroger.

Next, french one small onion. Sautee in some olive oil for 2 or 3 minutes.

Add some peeled, clean, fresh shrimp.

Sautee...just for 45 seconds or so.

Deglaze with a healthy dose of the white wine of your choosing.

Now, the grits should have cooked for 5 minutes or so. Turn them off and add them to the pot.

Add a cup or so of milk.

add some chopped fresh Kale. I love the slight bitterness of Kale, but i'm sure other hearty greens of your choosing would work as well... such as collards or turnips. I turn the heat OFF at this point. The dish is hot enough to wilt the kale, but not fully cook it, which is nice.

Add another splash of wine if the consistency is too thick! Or if you are worried all the alcohol evaporated...

Now for the yummy parts. Add a big ol' blob of real butter, and a glob of cream cheese if you have some.

Some fresh-grated Parm too.

Isn't that lovely? Stick to your ribs goodness... with time for communing with the birds later.

Not those kinda birds! I'll be communing with this bird.


Steven said...

Delicious! All looks good except the last picture.

Sam said...

Oh please. Come here little birdie.

Ice John's World said...

Sound interesting. But grits, not so sure...

Bob said...

Sounds delicious.
I'm a'gonna try it!

truthspew said...

Looks good! And the liberal dose of wine, god rest your soul Julia Child.

Sam said...

IJ, think of it as Polenta (lovely Cucina in Tuscany perhaps) instead of Grits (kitchenette in trailer park Alabama perhaps) if that helps. Don't use Quaker Instant.

Bob, thanks for stopping by, can't wait to cruise your blog later.

truthspew, its too bad my generation must go on without Julia. I'm in the prime of my culinary life, but Julia, alas, has moved on to the great kitchen in the sky. I refer to Way to Cook Way too Often.

Robert said...

I love grits! Actually I had some this morning at, ah-hem, Dennys! Baaad Rawbutt! For a minute I thought you were making an egg dish or something. Hmm... shrimp and grits and veggies. Delish!!

Yes, I love your pussy, I mean kitty pot holder!! Adorable. Only 15 minutes? You sure are speedy. Now I'm hungry again. *sigh*

PS. I thot the last photo was especially good! :-)

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