Surely It's a Typo??

Go HERE and click on the EXHIBITION link. Look at the list of student work represented in the exhibition at right, scroll down to the 1980s, and find yours truly, CYVN. Wow. I'm flattered that my work is in the Georgia Tech College of Architecture's Centennial Exhibition; have to admit i'm also a little curious to know what it is, and scared to death to SEE what it is!


Robert said...

Great job Sam!! Hmm, are you listed as Rebecca L. Tyson or Susan M. Smith? :-) Owait, you're listed as Charles Y.? Come again now?

Ah shucks, they should give a page link to each of the student's work.

You guys will have a great time there this April. I'm excited for you two! woohoo!

Sam said...

yeah, doing a real web-based exhibition i'm sure is beyond Dr. Dowling. It is kind of amazing how, in 2009 now, their website is really pretty minimal. One would think it would be full of student work, slideshows, flythroughs, etc.

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