Roast Chicken & cetera

First to report on is the lovely roast chicken Steven made earlier, with scallions and szechuan peppercorns and other delights.. we braised some green beans, made a 3 minute gravy, and yum yum yum. Ate it right off the platter and threw the bones on the floor!

In other news, the volleyball stud puppy that lives with me received his sexy up-to-the-knee sox and volleyball sneakers the other day, courtesy the Brown. He's getting ready for the Friday night ritual VB games at Athens Middle School in town... not sure yet if we'll walk down there and i'll go see a movie or not yet... hmmm. Decisions decisions. But seriously, isn't it great how he'll cheese for the camera?


Robert said...

Yes, Steven IS good at cheesing... as long as he's not cuttin' one! :-) Yummy chicken dish!! mmm... Oright, at first when he wrote me about VB, I thot he meant Visual Basic! D'oh! So what'd you end up doing?


xo, r

Sam said...

RH: i stayed home and slept early... it was a rough week!

Sam said...

RH: cutting and cheese, when hitched together, mean absolutely nothing to Steven. You have no idea how many times i've tried to program him to understand what cutting the cheese is, and he is utterly unable to commit it to memory.

What that lady Sara, who was the sister of little miss so-and-so's mother's boss' neighbor's gardener, said to him at a party in 2002 about what makes this particular type of golden spagnum moss grow only on this particular type of igneous stone, IF and only IF you prepare it properly?

That was instantly inscribed on his hard drive and he will remember forever and will call up multiple paragraphs in the twelve steps--in detail--on demand.

two simple words though? fuggedaboutit.

Robert said...

Ahaha, funny bit about Steven. Classic case of selective memory I reckon. I'm like that as well, but you know me, I love toilet humor and all that... so anything crass I pay 100% full on attention. heh.

Ooh, you should make a 'dutch oven' in bed tonight! eheehhe!

Sam said...

dutch oven?! Yuck dude! that is beyond toilet humor..

Ice John's World said...

Chicken dish looks delicious! And Steven's long VB socks, interesting! :)

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