Between Coolville and Guysville!

We had a great dinner last night with Matt and Robin Dewey, and Ken and Tom, the two--rather eccentric--proprietors of GlassHouseWorks, the crazy garden place we visited a couple weeks ago in Stewart. Ken and Tom are FULL of stories, and we got an earful. What a bunch of fun. They both taught something or other at Ohio University long ago, before they got sucked full time into their garden. Their place now spills over several blocks in Stewart, with assorted houses (and an old hotel), paths, greenhouses, and bamboo groves connecting it all. Their business is mostly thriving mail order stuff to other nurseries and people far away, and they have about a dozen people who help them with it all. They love to tell people via long distance how much they like being between Coolville and Guysville (really). Oh my.


Curtis said...

Boy how I miss home!

john said...

I wish I had a green thumb. I know what I want to do with the plants, they just never grow to fullfillment.

Sam said...

Curtis, come on home to Ohio sometime, and stop in Athens and say hello. We'll soon have lots of room for guests and would love to meet y'all (I DO say that, I reckon!).

Plants are an elusive mystery, John, if you ask me. They surprise you by growing too quickly, or disappoint by growing too slowly. Not always docile creatures. I'm fond of the predictable kinds of gardening: tomato plants every summer, caring for lawn, etc., while my partner Steven is more fond of experimenting with this or that, taking on impossibilities (seeing if he can get succulents and ferns to coexist, for instance).

Anonymous said...

i even kill cactus. i'm like a black thumb or something... its just awful! i'm so glad you and your honey are finding new friends!

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