The Drive: New Orleans Lower 9th Ward & Lakeview Preview
We all know what went on in New Orleans nearly a year ago. Last November, I went with a couple of friends west to Biloxi from Mobile, where i was attending a conference. It still makes me so sad to know how abandoned those people and that city are by us all. While nearly 60 cents of every $1 of OUR tax money, of MY tax money, go to support the Military-Industrial complex--the same one that Dwight Eisenhower warned all Americans to keep an eye on 45 years ago--while all that money is wasted, New Orleans is left to die. Sure the French Quarter will make its comeback, and all the crap that tourists want will make it...but all those beautiful neighborhoods surrounding I think are all lost forever. We all need to remember those people and that city, and remind ourselves that so many are unaccounted for or missing, that tens of thousands were uprooted and moved to countless surrounding cities, and that miles upon square miles are just gone forever. Will those people ever be able to come back? Are they being deliberately blocked from coming back? Should those low areas not be redeveloped? Will the levees ever be adequate to prevent future nightmares for New Orleans? Is this just the tip of the iceberg, considering the ice in our glass called earth is rapidly melting away? So many unanswerable questions, so many distractions, and so many unconcerned people in power.

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john said...

My heart goes out to New Orleans and what the people have had to endure.
If I had the money and the means, I would definitely volunteer some of my time and manpower down there.

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