A Period of Consequences

Run, don't walk, to see Al Gore's new An Inconvenient Truth, opening today. We just returned from seeing it, and it has my mind spinning about the challenges we in FACT face. I am so sick to death of the spin meisters trying to repackage global warming as theory, rather than scientific fact... and i'm more sick of the people that actually fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. It is startling folks--startling what changes we WILL see in our lifetimes; startling the changes that have already happened, but are obfuscated and buried; startling what a huge opportunity the challenges present. Most of all, it is startling how far we will go to deliberatly NOT take care of one another. Even as we watch skyscrapers tumble to the ground, and witness the polar ice shelves crumble into nothing... is nothing cataclysmic enough to seriously MAKE us make sure things are changing?

Joseph actually thought the film seemed like a splashy, i've-just-launched-a-new-media-empire kind of Presidential ambition announcement. And he also commented that he didn't really appreciate the big role the slide show played in the film... which was exactly what I liked the most. It was like Powerpoint on steroids or something.

Steven found this great piece today on CNN about Bill Maher and his quiet adoration of Gore. Poor guy, wonder if he could possibly be really considering another bid against the Republican Crime Family Juggernaut?

Ok, enough fun with links now! Can you tell i just learned how to use them??

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