Que Sera Sera!

We've had the best time all weekend being couch potatos and having a Doris Day Show marathon. Season 3 came out on video last week. And Season 4 will be out sometime soon, I hope (they already have the artwork done, as you can see). I barely remember this from my childhood, but i LOVED it, especially the beginning, when she spins down her spiral staircase in the yellow pantsuit, with the trippy camera tricks keeping time with the Partridge Family organ in the background playing Que Sera Sera behind her vocals. Seeing it again now, 35 years later... i just can't believe my eyes and ears... She said the word "groovy" a total of 9 times (I think) just on the first of 4 dvds! Of course, i had no idea what cool was at 5, and didn't notice any of the cool stuff back then. Like her single male ascot-wearing obsessive-compulsive disordered neighbor (it is set in San Francisco, just like Rock Hudson's similarly seventies sited--and fabulous--McMillan & Wife). Or all the sexual innuendos. Or all of those FABULOUS polyester outfits. Now i see where Brini Maxwell got most of her ideas: from the Doris Day Show! Doris is so much more of a lovable star to me than anybody around today (J Lo? gimme a break. Jennifer Anniston? gag. Debra Messing? whatever) and i'm so glad i get to go down memory lane. Enough of this pesky computer, time for DVD 3!

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