Now Here is a Beach House I Could Really Enjoy!

My friend Scott in Atlanta sent a link to this beautiful place this morning. Apparently, it is being moved a more appropos distance from the beach (for 2006 Global Warming standards), and being made into a tiny museum of Architecture & Design. Cool. We may go after a project at work on the topic of SUBURBIA and i am just beside myself considering the possibility of that. My mind is reeling and i'm finding it hard to focus on this old Weapons Museum i'm currently working on. Oh sculpted shag carpetting and cul-de-sacs and hifis and strip malls for major storytelling materials, instead of artifact cases full of guns! Ok, focus. FOCUS. F. O. C. U. S.


Larry said...

I love that beach house. That is such a cool design! But how did they manage the plumbing?

john said...

What a fascinating design.

Sam said...

No kidding. And what do you do in the bottom of the triangles, where there is no floor?! I can see firewood sticking out of the end there on the right side. Must have sleeping quarters above that, and then living above where the glass is. Really cool building.

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