Gotta Stop Bringing Work Home...

Sioux Haiku

the history of
Sioux City is on my mind
so many dumb rhymes

begin to craft it
the story of gritty folk
who settled cow town

not any cow town
but one with an opera house
a cow town opera house

the entrepreneurs
some quite crazy in the head
are Accrue City

while meatpackers and
the bustling stockyard gang
make up Zoo City


Run, RUN for your lives!
Flood, fire, collapse coming
Steamboat's run amok

department store fell
and two thirty-two.. we are
so Rescue City

and hell's half acre
and the little Chicago
gang are Sioux Seedy

can't forget the farms
all that corn feeding the world
more, MORE Beaucoup City!

in many ways it
is the greatest show on earth
dramatic and fun

full of ironies
trial and error that make
life so interesting

it's Bijou City
and lately Renew City
still Sioux City

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