In Case Any of You May Have Thought "Brownie" at FEMA was an Isolated Incident of Poor Judgement...

Think again. Click on the title of this post to read about how--in the never-ending rebuilding of Iraq--cronyism and fake loyalty to Bush are apparently more important than skill, policy consistency, or even pragmatism. Let's hope that while all these right-wing think-tankers are in Iraq getting a heavy dose of reality, that they'll learn something about the beauty of pragmatism, as compared to ideology. I'm not holding my breath.

While none of this is news, it certainly is a breathtaking look at why we are failing miserably with Iraq. It is all so sad, such a waste, such a diversion.


Bruce said...

Sam, as you said, "None of this is news." We knew most, if not all of it before the 2004 election. (Even if we claim that GWB stole the 2004 election, has he had the 2000 election: 1) Enough people voted for him to make his stealing the election possible, and 2) We let it happen.)

I guess I have to agree that attempts at reeducating the US electorate would be futile. We perhaps have to wait until an economic cataclysm takes place before the US will change direction.

We already have undergone a moral, institutional and political cataclysm, with the death of thousands of soldiers and many more thousands of Iraqis, the undermining of human and civil rights, and the loss of political prestige; we knew about the incompetence, corruption, and bizarre relationship with reality enjoyed by this administration long ago. The American people seem largely unmoved. Perhaps the only thing that will move us to change direction is an economic downturn.

Personally, I have essentially a Marxist view of history, but I still would like to ascribe a certain weight to ideas. I guess I may not be able to.

Sam said...

Bruce, we have a nation of vapids here, who pick up the kids from soccer and drop them off at the pool in their gigantic, gas-guzzling SUVs, and don't give a thought to the meaning of anything. They all empathize with GWB; none of them read the papers or even books. They get their news--in ADHD 10 minute bursts tween suburban destination--exclusively from the CNNs and MSNBCs and all the corporate ilk controlled by a handful of robotic, rich, Bush sympathizing editors who get their talking points and position emails EVERYDAY from Rove and Co... They think people who are eager to learn and who are able to--gasp--change their views based on what they learn are liberal and frail. Stregnth to them equals holding onto something like a pit bull, as a religious person holds onto their faith, no matter what. And these people don't for a minute think they are stupid, decieved, or feel that they are being used. I am so sick of all of them and I am incredibly pissed that all the people with brains here don't stop them. Economic cataclysms nothwithstanding, downturns have certainly never proved to enlighten this crowd.

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