Rock Star

Ok, so we are just returning from this party where rock star ANGELA from Project Runway was a guest. We so really didn't like her on PR, but the show is really great. Steven likes it more than I do I think; I'm constantly telling him how the design world is really like that. Geez, last week, 4 people were "aufed" from my office for chrissakes. It really does work that way. One day you are in. One day you are out.

The party was FABULOUS, tons of great homemade food, deserts, a bonfire...kind of mucky and slimey since it rained here all day, but it was really fun. We spent alot of time talking to Robin's mom about how fucked up our world is and how our Constitution has been trashed... and a lovely cat named Horn Dog sat in my lap forever in the garden.

Click on the title of this post to see Angela's collection. You can buy a piece!

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steven said...

You are right! We just "ate" her collection(our friend's french English as "hate"). She lives in this great hippie area and does not catch the essence of hippieness in her design. My favorite is Uli. She surely has a great quality of bohemian. Glamorous and fun. No wonder that she is from Europe.

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