Who is Judge Anna Diggs Taylor?

Gee I wish I could click on CNN or MSNBC to find out. Hentoff is right, the press has been eerily silent about all this. Well, i sure would like to know more about her, because you can be sure the Republican Smear Machine is working on destroying her, right now, as I click. I'm sure they will lay as much Plame on her as they can; according to this article it has already begun. Click on the title of this post to read the full article. I am so shocked that Specter is doing this, I really thought he was above being bossed around by Bush & co. It really makes me think that so many people are being bribed. I bet there is a Swiss bank account somewhere in Specter's name, and that is the carrot that they use to whip him with to make sure he is on board with getting the President out of responsibility for committing FELONIES. It all just blows my mind, and it blows my mind that we are letting the illegal wiretapping--in direct violation of FISA--continue while the courts "decide" (or are coerced) and while the press ignores it all and keeps it out of our sight as much as they can. How can this be happening??

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