And Now for Something Completely Different :: OUR NEW HOUSE!

Well, not that different i guess. You guys know i'm obsessed with finding a great house in this little market of very few great houses and many trashed, chopped up rentals for students. But doesn't this one look great? It comes on the market today, and i'm going to see it today (I hope). Not at all like the moduliciousness of 51 Madison, but still, I like everything i can see here!

: : Ok i've seen the inside and bombarded Steven with a walking tour over the cell phone in which he had to listen to me and Carole yammer on about how perfect this house is... and we just made an offer for full asking price. It is fabulous, in lots of ways. A big double drawing room, fabulous 1925 details, a big front porch, a big screened porch in back, 3 full new
baths (the first house i've seen here that doesn't need it's baths ripped out by the rotten plumbing)...and it is a Hilferty alum house. The current design director at Christopher Chadbourne & Associates in Boston owned this house in the 90s. The sellers have till 10 am tomorrow to accept our offer. : :

It's ours! I'm excited...


tricky said...

It reminds me a lot of Grandmother's house in Kirkwood.

Sam said...

Well, barring any disasters with the inspection, Bankie's house in Athens is ours, Tricia! The sellers accepted our offer last night, we'll close in mid-June, and have a couple of weeks to have floors refinished, etc. before moving in at the end of June. I'm really excited, it is a cool house. It has real, functioning radiant heat!

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