I went to the National Ceramic Museum & Heritage Center yesterday, near Roseville, Ohio. BC has a beautiful Roseville jardiniere, and they had lots and lots of examples here. The place itself was kind of an interesting assortment of 6 buildings arranged around a central court with a kiln and other stuff for demonstrations, which was interesting...still, when i go to a place like this, I always wish it were actually in an old factory that produced this stuff, so you could really see with your own eyes how it all happened. This was basically a giant china cabinet and the courtyard. But very interesting.


Steven said...

I wish that you had that Roseville Jardiniere of your mom and BC before it was broken. We always like to have a piece of Roseville planter.

Sam said...

We'll have to get some roseville jardinieres for the front porch of our new 1925 Craftsman Bungalow!

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