Oh Yeah Baby, Just Like This!

Jefferson saw alcove beds while he was in France, and incorporated them into Monticello. The other beds in the house are built into walls, but Jefferson's bed is open on both sides, connecting his Bed Room and his Cabinet. As one guest wrote, "The President had his Bed placed in a Door way."

Jefferson saw alcove beds during his years in France, and admired the space-saving qualities of these beds built into walls. Upon his return from Europe, Jefferson redesigned Monticello, adding at least one alcove (and sometimes two) in every bedroom. A continual innovator, he varied the design for his own bed, leaving both sides open to loosely connect his bedroom with his study. He also saved space by placing closets in the walls over his and other beds. His closet -- which has openings for air and light -- was accessible via a small ladder kept at the head of the bed.

-- from monticello.org


Curtis said...

So you plan to refurbish already?!? You just moved in!!

Sam said...

Curtis: we haven't even closed yet! Our closing is in about a week and a half...we are just lining up contractors to do work in a two week period before we move in at the end of June. The floor guy said it will take 6 days to do the floors though... so it is looking like we may move in without HVAC?? dunno, have to figure that one out. That cool Jefferson bed idea is down the road a few weeks or months (or who knows!).

john said...

It looks like the way Grace's bed was on "Will and Grace".
A nice idea though, if you can't sleep you can get up and do some work.

Sam said...

Thank goodness I never have any trouble sleeping, John. And welcome to my little Hooterville. Tune in often, I hope!

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