Wierd Ohio, Part II

We see crazy stuff all around here. Today, we happened to have the camera with us when we saw the craziness, so you get to see it too. The Tree People get a change of clothes with the seasons (when I first met them they were appropriately attired in wintry apparel). The filters from some blunts--arranged cleverly to deliver this message--were found in an alley on the Westside in some student ghetto. The caryitid-like gold mannequin and miscellaneous baby dolls parts were found along the same street. The baby bunnie was eating everything in sight in a little park at OU where the river used to be, undettered by our presence. This cool building used to be a power switching station, but is now an architecture firm. This all from one walk around town, after dinner tonight. Oh, and we also stopped at my new favorite place in Athens, a little divey canteeney place in the heart of the OU campus called THE OASIS (sorry, no pic, we were busy eating ice cream and drooling over all the cute kids). Much as I miss home, way cooler and much more interesting than our walks to Chocolatte on Shallowford.


Curtis said...

Having spent quite a bit of time in Athens, I see nothing wierd whatsoever. What's your point?!? ;-)

Sam said...

Ah well, wierd is a term of endearment in my world my friend. This really is an interesting little town.

Steven said...

Sammy, whateve you did, the format of your page is scrolled up!#@!

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