Elections Coming... Time to Gay Bash!

Click on the title of this post to see this piece in my email box today from the Human Rights Campaign. You can practically set your watch by this crap popping up before each and every election these days. Call or write your Senators to tell them what you think about treating gays in committed relationships differently from straight people. Chances are they will be way too distracted performing analingus on some Military-Industrial contractor they work for or Corporate donor writing "legislation" for them, but you never know, maybe your voice will be heard.


Curtis said...

You know, I had to turn it off. I'm just so tired of it all, which is exactly what I shouldn't be. The whole idea of equal rights is just defeated on me right now. That worries me.

Sam said...

Curtis, I hear you. It is just tiring. but no one else is going to fight for us. Gays need an MLK leading the fight, why can't Barney Frank or someone turn into that?? And I learned many years ago that writing letters is not that hard, and if enough people do it, it actually has impact.

I worked on an exhibit project 6 or 7 years ago that included stories about a man during civil rights who was a postman, and wrote an estimated 50,000 letters to local, state, and government leaders...and after a while, his letters really did have an impact on the life of his town; he became part of MLK's army.

In this age of moveon.org and hundreds of others with their letter-writing armies, the importance is certainly diminished. Not to mention the fact that our Senators could really care less what their constituents find important.

It is so time for a revolution in the good ol US of A.

Fight the H8 in Your State