Cycling Across America

Larisa's honey, Carlos, is riding his bike clear across this country, from Atlanta to Portland, Oregon. I just find that completely ASTOUNDING. He quit his job, divested himself of nearly all material crap, and took off about 3 weeks ago. We saw them both ever so briefly at PieBar in Atlanta when I was there for the moving... and Carlos was excited on the eve of his big adventure. Anyhow, check out his progress you guys.

He is posting with a phone... another thing i find astounding. If it weren't for Larisa, and my friend Mark in LA, I wouldn't even be texting, and Carlos is going way beyond that.

And in addition to that, Larisa, the Chef-du-Cuisine Goddess, herself will be embarking on her adventure in Switzerland for the summer, cooking, coffeeing, yodelling, caking, baking and making new friends too i am sure. We await your blog with much, much anticipation my dear! Starting the drumroll now...

Here is a pic of them both, stolen from Wide World of Spokes (what a clever name dude!) Aren't they cute? Miss ya!

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