Library is Complete

Wanted to post these pics too before I get in bed. We finally finished the upstairs hallway / library. Boy am I a packrat.

Here is the stupendous 1960 Telefunken Hymnus. It weighs about 800 pounds and takes about 15 seconds to warm up after you turn it on. This is where I play all the old LPs and 78s I've inherited from various sources. Works great to have it in the stair hall, because I can crank it up and we can hear it all the way in the kitchen!

Look at all those LPs would you. There is a lot of them. I've listened to a bunch of BC's old albums in the past several days. And I haven't even unpacked the 5 boxes of 78s yet--most of those came from my Dad, and are from oh like 1938 to 1942ish? And I've bought a bunch myself when I find interesting ones--mostly Doris Day's early stuff. They are wonderful.

Lots of Nancy Drew, more Hardy Boys. I know it is really queer i still have these. It's just about the right balance: 60% boy, 40% girl.


john said...

Awesome!!! I have some of those old Hardy Boys books!!!

tricky said...

You're a hoot! Send me that hobo picture that you just have laying around, dammit!!!

Larry said...

The library looks great! Hey, I've still got a lot of my grandmother's old records. They're in these big red booklike things. I'll need to get rid of them before I move (which is soon) so shoot me an e-mail if you're interested (lovelemming74@yahoo.com)

Curtis said...

Nicely done! I love old LPs and I'd be ashamed to tell you how many books I have in my library.

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