The (Very Local) News

I'm just returning from 2 days in blazing Arkansas, where it was over 100 degrees. I am so tired i can barely tap these keys. Got up a 4 am this morning. Yuck. My presentation, however, went really well, and the project is just about through. But before I go to bed, I wanted to let you all know that my little sis is a TENNIS CHAMPION! Her team went all the way to the finals in the Atlanta Lawn & Tennis Association's City Finals, and they WON! She is a real natural with tennis and makes it look easy, like everything she does. Congratulations Karen! I made this wierd little cartoon for you with some nifty software that came with my notebook, called comiclife. Pretty cool. Send me more photos of the tourney and lets make up a little story?

In other news, later this week my Mom and BC arrive. We're very excited! But have a lot to do to get ready (like get all that crap out of the other guest room). But later. I'm going to bed now.


Karen said...

Thanks Sammy! I love the cartoon. Tennis stud? I'm not so sure...lucky amateur is more like it! Sorry you're working so hard. Enjoy your visit with Mama & BC. I can't wait to come at Thanksgiving.

steve said...

Your cartoon failed to show Jay fighting with the fine man of Karen's tennis partner^^.

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