S I O U X P E R L A N D akaCOWTOWNwithanOPERAhouse

Geez am i exhausted. We've had a whirlwind of a couple of days here in Sioux City. We've met everybody who's anybody, interviewed them all, conducted workshops, seen dozens of other museums who want to collaborate, private collections which could be donated...it's been fun. An old operating-on-a-shoestring Train Museum. A bevy of Junior Leagers that want the entire enterprise to be ONLY for the say 7 years old and under set.

Today, we met a 4th generation Sioux Cityer who has a huge old car and truck collection (and a 737 flight simulator) that he will donate. And for TWO days in a row, we've dined in high style at the Sioux City Country Club, which has been a lot of fun. Today, it was with the mother of the founder of Gateway, and she is a total scream. She reminded me sooooooo much of my Aunt Connie (only well, very rich), in very nice couture and Versace glasses. She just says whatever is on her mind, no sugarcoating. When Gerry talked about taking his horses to Texas in the trailer for a riding excursion (which usually elicits oooohs and ahhhhhs), her response was "whatever!" which gave us all spasms of delight. We sat outside on this beautiful terrace...she chain smoked and went on and on and on regaling us with stories of Sioux City, while we ate salmon and salad and patty melts and iced tea and watched all the other oldsters playing cards.

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