Lucky Me

Click on the title of this link if you happen to have a new MacBook Pro. There is a recall on the batteries; i've known about it now for several weeks but haven't been able to take care of it, what with working around the clock and all. Right after Steven got here a few weeks ago, he was at Donkey, Athens most fabulous coffee house using their WIFI while we were between the internets. He called me at work in a frenzy, declaring my Mac a piece of junk, because it shuts down after about 4 minutes unless you are plugged in and not using the battery. Lucky me, my serial number is W8607... Shanghai; 2006; 07th week. Nice to know how that works. Now if I could just get off hold with AppleCare.


tricky said...

My iPod is the only Apple product I own -- and from that I hate their guts. They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Good luck. I am out of warranty and kind of relieved that I never have to deal with them again ever. Now I buy batteries, repair kits, software, etc. from aftermarket companies via the internet. I've gotten real good at opening up my iPod and fixing it. (The "genius" at AppleCare (Genius is their actual title...) told me it was not usable and that they would give me 10% off on a new one -- never even suggested the possibility of a dead battery...). I bought a new after-market battery, installed it and wa-lah!: perfect working iPod. I hear there's a class action suit against Apple. They would have taken my [perfectly good] iPod and re-sold it refurbished on eBay. What a racket.

john said...

I don't feel Mac is a piece of junk. I've been thinking about getting a iBook.

Sam said...

Tricia: Try going to apple.com, click on the support tab, and look for "battery exchange." You can enter your serial # and it will figure out whether your battery gets replaced for free or if you have to pay a little bit if it has had a normal lifespan already.

John: certainly not! It is the best computer i've had. I especially love the fact that no junk gets downloaded unbeknownst to me, while i'm online. Those commercials where the PC guy has a cold, and the Mac guy doesn't are really true!

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