Look at the Cool Stuff i got to do Tuesday

These are all pictures we took at the Ohio Statehouse on Tuesday, where i am about to start another project. this one is looking from the catwalk above the rotunda dome, down between the inner plaster dome and associated Gustave Eiffel-looking structure, and the outer masonry dome. Everything STILL smells of soot up there, even though it has been years since there were any coal heat fumes or gas light fumes rising to this, the highest interior point.

Looking up, from inside the building, toward same dome. It has just been restored to its original paint job (circa 1859), which some might say evokes Dorothy and Blanche and Sophia and Rose's color scheme for their 80s Miami house. Actually, the colors are beautiful, even if overly pastel and weak in value.

Here i am, leaving my mark on the late 19th century visitors gallery, which has been closed now for many generations. Apparently, since it is not even close to ADA accessibility, there is no proposing to open this back up to visitors, which i think is a real pity. Well, hopefully we will be able to take visitors on some kind of virtual tour, either through some dramatic filmed experience we can integrate in an exhibit downstairs, or a moving webcam or something. There are lots of options for getting visitors up there without really getting them up there. One of the best parts is the tiny masonry spiral stair of 226 risers that is all black and green inside, with handpainted signage on the masonry from more than 150 years ago (one sign says "create no nuisance" as the stair passes by what must have once been a very important space).

This is a view out one of the windows behind the dome, looking toward the SE. We are just below the cupola here.

And, the fantastic cupola, a giant ligth-filled space. The structure you see in the lower foreground is actually milk-glass just beyond which is a beautifully restored stained glass cap at the top of the plaster dome. All the ductwork you see in the middle ground has only just been installed, to keep this interstitial space from reaching temperatures that could fry a brain.

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