Details :: Kitchen Day 50

This weekend we've been working on all the little stuff. Tiny pieces of moulding, painting, getting the door casings and heads and the rail up. If you check Steven's blog, you'll see that we now have a complete, functioning kitchen. We still haven't baked anything yet, but I will soon. But we've cooked all kinds of things... a seafood bisque yesterday, grilled cheeses, a Chinese tofu dish with bacon and mushrooms, lots of vegetables, some seared, breaded chicken, Chinese spaghetti and meatballs. Tonight we'll have daikon with pork ribs and ginger and who knows what else.

I'm really liking this blue we've chosen for the casings, rail, and base mould. It works well with the greeny glass of the cabinets, and everything else too. There's still alot of detail work to do, some painting, a bit of caulking and a final coat on the moulds. But, all in all, i'd say we are 85% complete. Our to do list for the next couple of weeks:

*pickup new glass shelves for china
cabinet. This is the only terrible mistake that
has happened with the ikea stuff: 12 tempered
glass shelves don't fit, and we have reordered
locally, rather than asking IKEA to fix
the problem.

*door, window casings, chair rail and wall base need
to be finished (i'd say we are 75% done with this now).

*toe kick at cabinet bottoms needs to be cut and
installed (EASY!).

*red skirt board at bottom of upper cabinets needs to
be cut and installed (EASY!).

*counters need to be installed (they are on order; 4 -
6 weeks, hopefully sooner).

*backsplash of pebbles will go in last.

Not much of a punch list. Thank goodness nothing huge like plumbing is on the list.

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john said...

The kitchen looks great!!

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