Newsclipping of the Day :: Fox News Hosting a Democratic Debate??

I'm sure many of you are MoveOn.org participants like me, and may have gotten this email earlier today. Check this out, and go sign the petition, if you don't like the idea of Fox News sponsoring a Democratic Presidential forum and debate this summer. What a stupid idea, and I have no idea how the Dems thought it could ever be a good thing. Barack Obama certainly doesn't.


Bruce said...


Isn't this just for the Nevada Democratic primaries, and not for a nationwide debate? It is, however, significant that Harry Reid, the democratic majority leader in the Senate, is from Nevada. He must have had something to do with this.

I haven't, however, been able to find any other reference to this outside of the MoveOn piece. MoveOn also makes no connection between Harry Reid and the Fox News issue.

From my days as regional chairman of Democrats Abroad, I know that signing on line petitions puts you on the e mailing list for all sorts of fund raising campaigns and increases your flow of spam appreciably. I have no problem with signing a petition if it's really important, but I would like to find out more than what the MoveOn piece says before taking the plunge.

Sam said...

Bruce, you are right about the emails. Sign one petition with Moveon, and they will invite you to sign the petition du semaine forever. I've been a member of moveon.org since the helplessness of the 9/11 days, and they do send out the emails often. But I do consider them a worthy organization. Having participated in many of their movements and electioneering events, I can't say i always agree 100% with all of their tactics, but they DO have tactics, which sometimes is more than one can say for the Dems, i'm afraid.

I haven't heard anything about Reid on this either.. If i do, i'll post about it. It seems--really--like news to me, so i will probably not find anything about it in the coming days! It really is becoming that way here. Nothing on this, but 58 stories to choose from on what's happening with Anna Nicole's remains. Sheesh.

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