Driving in the Snow

Today--even though I have been here now for more than a year--was my first day of seriously scary wintry driving. I volunteered to go out at lunchtime and pickup lunch for 10 of us, and as I got near the top of the hill at the dividing ridge that separates the country of my office from the precinct of the town, my ESP (electronic stability program) went haywire, the wheels slipped, the car slowed to nothing, and i started sliding sideways. Thankfully, I did not plunge into a ditch or anything, rather, just gently coasted backward down the hill where a big line of cars were stuck also, and a giant Pepsi truck was parked. I had to turn around, go back to the office, and get someone with a Volvo to take me on my errand. After lunch, the road crew came through and scraped the road, making it completely clear, so I felt like an idiot. Temperatures here will plunge to about -5 tomorrow, so I wonder if everything will become iced over. I think i need to get home before dark, just in case. Steven or I--one of us at least--needs to get an AWD or 4WD vehicle.


FS said...

Welcome to the grim reality that is living north of ... what? Atlanta?

While I've lost some of my skillz having lived down for a slew of years I still get some sort of morbid joy from watching those who aren't familiar with it try and drive during inclement weather.

I would suggest something with all-wheel-drive. The Subarus aren't sexy, but they've got a good track record. I would give any of the American-made products a wide berth. The VWs are incerdibly reliable, but without the right tires and the skillz to nav snow and ice, you're better off with an AWD.

Lotuslander said...

I miss the beauty of snow, though I don't miss driving in it.

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