Newsclipping of the Day :: This is Really Wierd

But very interesting. And it has a gratiutous flash of Doris Day. And Aunt Jemima. Oh, and some boobs. I told you it was wierd. But, it is very relevant to today's times. I propose we pass a moratorium in Congress on all Bellicose Freaks from Texas. No more of them. Only Pacifists from Texas are henceforth allowed to run for the office of President.

I'm so sickened by the growing drumbeat surrounding Iran. Can you believe these Freaks actually think they can get us into another war? Amazing how similar 1968 and 2007 can be.

While we're at it, better ban all Bellicose Freaks from Wyoming too. He's the more dangerous half of our doppelganger-in-chief.

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