Newsclipping du Jour :: Trains are for Tracks, not Highways

Really people, can there be any more of a void of common sense these days? Everybody and their brother thinks now is the time to strike, and take advantage of a stupid, asleep, and otherwise disengaged public. Where is Ralph Nader just now when we need him? Apparently, in lieu of the old-fashioned train, someone has had the bright idea of putting trains on our freeways, in essence. Brilliant. Introducing the "saddlemount vehicle transporter combinations." We all need to write our congress people about this one. Read all about it here.


thephoenixnyc said...

I wihs we had an efficient and cost-effective train system like Europe.

I went to Philly from NY last weekend. It cost me $20 in gas round trip. It would have cost the two of us $200 round trip by train.

Sam said...

AMEN, phoenix. If we could travel the hour it takes to get from our little town to Columbus, the state capital, we'd be very happy travelers. As it is, while we don't travel in excess locally, that trip to Columbus is grueling as often as my partner has to do it.

I traveled by train in China a couple of years ago, and it was a delight. Go to sleep and wake up the next morning at your destination. In my mind, that method beats the plane/hotel combo, hands down.

My dad--who is coincidentally a staunch conservative--has a little bit of a leftist conspiracy-theorist streak about our horrible transportation infrastructure in the USA. You see, he is old enough to have had the benefit of real public transportation, before automakers and big oil covertly closed them all down in the late forties. Where he grew up, trolley lines covered the city like the NYC subway does. Too bad there aren't more cities here with NYC's travel options.

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