Habitat '67

After two comments from new (and very interesting) readers of the previous post.. i wanted to delve further into Habitat '67 over lunch. Did you know Habitat '67 was the first in a big scheme that was to deploy in NUMEROUS OTHER CITIES? Very interesting. Moshe Safdie. Ok. Must. Eat.


Will said...

I visited the Expo grounds the summer after Expo67 itself had ended. Bucky Fuller's geodesic dome was hosting a free-flight aviary and was leaking like a sieve in the summer rain. Habitat wasn't selling all that well, as I recall. Now it's a big architectural icon--but I wonder how easy it is to get your furniture moved in and out.

Sam said...

I bet you are right about the furniture thing Will. Imagining Steven schlepping his two-hundred pound plants through the maze too *my back hurts already*

Someday soon i hope our travels bring us closer to your part of NH, and that we get the chance to meet you!

Will said...

Sam, we'd absolutely love to have you here, and maybe do a bit of traveling around to show you some things unique about the state. If you do make plans to come this way, please let us know the dates and we'll coordinate.

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