For John Michael

I'm ready for Pats and Eddie to give me some dancing lessons in their basement:

Recently, in Montreal, Steven and I checked out a few screamingly loud gay bars dans le Village, but neither of us ever danced. In one place we felt too old (L'Aigle Noir), in another we were decidedly too young (the Stud), in still another (Gotha Lounge) we were just right, but spend all our time chatting... i'm reminding myself of the advice i just gave to john michael. It always works for me to pretend i'm someone else, like say, Edina Monsoon, channel that person, and then move as they would move (because the person I am just never dances anymore!). JM's got friends giving him dancing lessons in his basement! Doesn't that sound like fun?


Ultra Dave said...

Absolutely Fabulous post!

J Catlow-Shea said...

God I will ALWAYS love them!

Me and dancing have always had a love/hate thing. I never felt all the comfortable in a bar/club full of sweaty people flailing my body around...even when I was a youngster it wasn't natural for me. But in someone's house or in my own living room??? I'm fucking Astairing it ALL over...

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