It's Not About the Power

It's about getting something done. Take the Oath of Office.

Have i mentioned lately how much I love Arianna Huffington? Gee i wish i were going to be at her bash at the Newseum at midnight.


Anonymous said...

Sam, unless you are somehow getting paid you are spending too much time on this web page. GET A REAL LIFE that makes some money as you are getting old and will want to retire someday. This is no longer a hobby, take a month off from any posting!

A friend from Ga Tech days,


Joe D and Jeff H

Sam said...

Gee thanks for your comment Joe. You jackass.

Steven said...

Yeah, I do not know where this J&J comes from. He or they sound(s) very much like (a) jackass(es) if not a double one.

Get a REAL LIFE somewhere else if you do not have one yet.

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