Having been to Montreal twice now, we both really appreciate the groovy Frenchiness of this wonderful city. The food is incroyable, there is alot going on, and the people are beautiful and fabulous. Here is a little piece i found on youtube today about Expo '67... seems to be a, ummm, fully rounded--shall we say--commentary. After our first visit to Montreal years ago, we came back and googled Habitat to find that it is very difficult and competitive to live there, and requires a bit of life's ambition to tackle the requirements of being allowed the priveledge of living there. Utopia indeed.


J Catlow-Shea said...

We've never been! But it is one of those places I have been very eager to visit, especially during the winter. It just seems like one of those perfectly idyllic destinations for the winter months.

Jeff Guard said...

j'adore montreal. one of my favorite places on earth. i had no idea about habitat. it's beautiful. learned something new-thank you.

Sam said...

Welcome! Happy to share the love of Habitat '67 with you New Yorkers. Can't wait to check out your blogs.

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