Goodbye City Life!

So, my fabulous, creative, beautiful French friend Marianne lives in this place. She sold her beautiful Paris Pad and moved here in the country to make art projects and live the beautiful, relaxed country life. It is in the beautiful (i'll stop with that word now) south of France, in the midi-Pyrenees, and the river has almost come to the door recently she reports. I had read about the horrible weather there recently, and a school that collapsed in Barcelona during the storm.

But anyhow, doesn't this place look inviting?? She says the work to make it livable is overwhelming, and that when it rains little pots must be placed everywhere. Boy of low culture that i am, I was wont to make Green Acres analogies, but, alors, I refrained.


Steven said...

Yeah, charming. She is just talented to make thing happen.

Ultra Dave said...

I would trade my 19 year old trailer for a fixer upper villa in France any day of the week! It's fabulous!

J Catlow-Shea said...

I love it - in fact wish I were there now, pots full of rain in the bedroom or not!!!

Will said...

I know what she's facing as I was in just such a place in Provence this last fall. Wish her well for me, but I'm sure that when she's finished it will be a little bijou.

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