Prop 8 Updates

ANGRY BLACK BITCH has a GREAT POST up today about how all kinds of people are descending on the California Supreme Court regarding Prop 8. I read something the other day about how more people fled California last year than any other state (leaving the wingnuts behind who voted for prop 8? I thought that the distinction of state-most-fled belonged to Ohio or Michigan... for most of my lifetime anyway). Anyhow, i'm glad we have organized friends left in California--heck the BIRTH of organized friends practically happened in that cradle--and that they are mobilizing and not letting this issue fade into the sunset like George and Laura spiriting off to Preston Hollow (uggggggggh).

A big thanks to all these folks, Buckland, Herrera, Kay, Drew, Brill. You are all friends, indeed.

I just realized this is my five-hundredth post, btw.


J Catlow-Shea said...

Well then...Happy 500th!!!!

Sam said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks!

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