Travels in Ohio, Part II

Ok, I know I know, I never wrote part I, I think I lost the pictures somehow. Maybe I loaded them on my computer at work? Here's a picture of Mister (with Rooster hair), in my new primitive kitchen in Ohio instead. Anyhow, three weekends ago, I went to Gloucester, Logan, New Lexington, and Lancaster, all NE of here. Today, i'm going to the SW, to see Jackson, Chillicothe, Pomeroy, South Point, and maybe Huntington WV. Got PB&J packed and an orange and some water. Later!


Steve said...

I can not remember what I was cooking. Green bean or ..? Eydie is sitting on my lap and lip my face when I am typing. I must have some grease left for her to clean up.

Sam said...

Aw, our little garbage collector. I miss Eydie, and i miss you mister. I think you were cooking tofu maybe?

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