Any of You Interpret Dreams?

So after 2 glasses of wine and a ton of sugar at a party last night, I had this dream that I keep thinking about. Steven and I are riding our bikes down the side of this impossibly huge skyscraper, enjoying the novelty of the anti gravity. Then, the cat appears, and we both panic, knowing that only on a bike does one ride down a skyscraper. She prances around for a minute, and then dissolves into the distance, breaking up like the space shuttle on the way down. Then I wake up and she is right there, sleeping on top of Steven's chest like she has since it started getting really cold.

Can anybody interpret this? What does it mean? I don't want to hear any of that standard stuff about skyscrapers now.


Bruce said...


Try this one on for size: You feel comfortable enough with yourself and with your relationship to Steven to feel that you can take considerable risks, as long as you keep working on making it work (peddling the bike). Your concern is for others you care about (i.e. the cat), who may not be as fortunate as you both are. The cat is probably not the cat; she's either a person or couple you care about, who will break up as a couple or have a serious crisis (crack up).

Sam, the phallic imagry of the skyscraper really can't be denied; both the phallic skyscraper and anti gravity (flying) are standard sexual images (penis/orgasm)

The sexual imagry need not contradict the interpretation involving risk. Sex itself, with the intense and beautiful feeling of vulnerability it involves, is really a pretty "dangerous" enterprise.

(Sam, forgive me if I'm totally off base. But I just couldn't resist tossing this interpretation around, especially for friends.)

Sam said...

Dr. Bruce: thanks very much for your thoughts. You bring up a lot of salient points I hadn't even considered. Thanks!

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